Photograph of Seattle, Washington based fine art landscape photographer Steve G. Bisig.
Steve G. Bisig, Photographer

Biography & Artist Statement

Hello and welcome to my photography page. My name is Steve G. Bisig. I was born and have spent my entire life as a resident of Washington State. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I’m married to my beautiful wife and have a daughter in college and a married adult son (both photographers). My career path led me to public service spending the past +30 years as a professional firefighter. In addition to spending time with my family, my passion is spending time in the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest.

My background in fine art photography came later in life. While I’ve always had cameras throughout my life, I’ve only pursued photography seriously over the past ten years. Starting out as a means to document my outdoor travels and activities, my passion for the artistic aspects of photography has grown as I rewoke my creative spirit.

I am inspired creativily by many areas of influence. First and foremost, the beauty and diversity of creation is all around us. I just have to look to the natural world to find unlimited inspiration. I also find inspiration in things created by the hand of man, including the fine arts, architecture, design, music, as well as the works of classic and contemporary photographers.

As an artist, I make photographs first for myself, capturing those moments and scenes that move me emotionally, often calling attention to things that other people overlook, expressing my interpretation of the world around me.

My goal is to constantly sharpen my artistic vision and skills while continuously progressing creatively. Each day, I strive to see better as an artist. I want to improve my ability to critique my own work intelligently and then take the necessary steps to hone my vision. It’s important for me to be a well-rounded artist, so in order to grow, I know that it’s important for me to experiment with various genres, tools and techniques within photography. At the end each day, I want to always bring something new back to my art.